Seeing as how I’m only 14 years old, a lot of people tend to underestimate me. They think I don’t know what or how I want things (or that I can’t even hold my own) due to my age. However, this world is only the way it is because of how much mind power young people put into it. The world would be WAY worse if our generation didn’t speak up. Celebrities and influencers all around the world are speaking out and creating change because they’re sharing their own stories. As an example, if anyone watched the most recent Billboard Music Awards, you would’ve seen Khalid and Shawn Mendes performing their song “Youth”. The song talks about how every morning we all wake up to terrible stories on the news, and conflicts sparking all around the world. For their performance, they brought out the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School choir to sing with them. That Billboard performance will go down in history not only because of it’s meaning, but also because of it’s relevance in today’s society. They said they “had to make a song about how the ‘youth’ was feeling”. That song showed millions of people that it doesn’t matter your age, we all have the youth inside us.

It’s maddening when others say you’re incapable of doing something, or that your ideas aren’t bright enough because of how old you are. It’s not a fair game to play, especially when you don’t know the tricks hiding up the other person’s sleeve. Today, we’re making a difference. The world is slowly binding itself back together and a good portion of that is due to us youngsters believing in something bigger than ourselves. We’re lifting each other up, slowly but surely. I think it’s time people start to realize that we’re all equal; big and small, young and old. We just need to give each other a chance.

– Jules